Life + Lemons

by @skybanyes + @petunia.byisatg

How often do we feel lost or empty when some tragedy crashes into our lives? The first reactions, more violent and raw, go by quickly and we are left with a void, a new incomprehensible structure under our feet that makes us feel insecure. We then focus on hiding that void with whatever noises we can find or create; we stubbornly focus on the negative emotions that fluctuate within us in a labyrinth we can´t escape.

What if instead we looked beyond? Beyond that pain, that sadness or desperation; beyond that lack of meaning and eagerness for answers we cannot get… yet. We could see the draft of something bigger, the timid sparkle of a future light that will illuminate our presents sorrows. But only if we allow ourselves to feel in each moment, to be present and patient, and battle thought grief and confusion.

Light awaits.


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Sky x Isa

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