Me in 10 minutes:

Can you tell me about yourself in 10 seconds?

I am a life enthusiast and healing soul. I create emotional illustrations.. with a pinch of salt. Sometimes I just create for fun!

My illustrations are the output of a life lover ~ troubled soul ~ positive spirit ~ creative mind in self-discovery. AKA I am an optimistic, passionate and curious student 🙂

The sole purpose of my creations going public is the hope that one more soul may be positively inspired, brightened or amused today. Thus, you are prompted to enjoy my Gallery.

How did drawing illustrations come into your life?

It was literally an eureka moment. Drawing illustrations – combining my passion for minimal art yet maximal sentiment – came to me one day (notably the day I first saw a post by Mari Andrew) and the next I had my first post up on @skybanyes. It’s fair to say this ‘eureka’ moment was fully backed up by three factors: 1) a lifetime of art loving and creating (of various forms, yet never illustrations); 2) my therapist prompting me to use art as an expressive outlet (seeing as it was, for years, so hard for me to ‘get things out’); 3) being a passionate life enthusiast, with a vast history of mental distress, I had myself embarked upon a challenge of mental health improvement. My creations are the output of a life lover ~ troubled soul ~ positive spirit ~ and creative mind in self-discovery. With growing empathy and compassion, my desire for transmitting positivity to others, through self-healing and empowerment. The whole scope of my illustrations going public is the hope that one more soul may be touched, inspired, brightened or amused today.

What are your plans for the future?

I feel like my life has been a long ‘off-road’ drive to the ocean. Starting this was like finally reaching the shore and dipping one toe into the water. This feeling is unmet – a combination of pleasure, excitement and overdrive to dive deeper and further.
I’m planning, working, and dreaming about it every day.
‘Don’t be afraid of the unknown for it’s what makes sky magical’

Wanna know more?

Were there any challenges you had to face during the whole process?

There are two challenges I face (present tense) in this journey, which are intertwined. One of them is time. The time to work so hard on my creations (because being an artist is much more than the few hours you sit down and ‘draw’) while maintain a full time job to support me and allow me to do this in the first place. The other challenge is the well-established struggle of every single artists out there (shout out to y’all) to be taken seriously and fairly compensated for the work that we do – no, it’s no hobby nor piece of cake. (Cake? Did someone say cake?)

What do you do for self care?

My self-care first aid is mindful breathing. Taking a few deep, focused breaths is a simple yet profound aid for such a range of situations! The prime areas I have been investing in for self-care include: psychotherapy, sleep, exercise, meditation, books and sunshine. All my subsequent devoted time and efforts have been positively life-changing!

In the past, I spent the majority of my life battling with my own self. Taking in a lot of negative feelings from life circumstances that were out of my control or beyond my understanding and taking them out on my own self.  Professional help, alongside personal work (self-reflection, self-compassion, self-forgiveness, self-acceptance) and the subsequent positive actions, have been key to my self-love journey. No doubt a slow, hard and ongoing process, that has been lifesaving and incredibly rewarding. Realising that life is really ‘too short’ and that I’m the prime responsive of living my own best life are equally my drive for wanting to be as healthy as possible (inside and out), and thus truly embracing and investing in self-care.

Can I reach you directly?

Sure! I’m always accessible and would be delighted to hear from you!

You may message me > here <