My New Year’s Resolution

My new year’s resolution is to lose weight.
I know… I know…
This time I’m committed.
And I’m confident that it will work.
Because, for the first time in my life, I’m setting a resolution that stems from self-love rather than self-hate.
Revelational you say? – It was about time!

And yes, I’m sharing my secret with you. I didn’t bring you here for nothing!
Bet ya anything you’ll feel a shift by the end of this roll.
So, my secret… It’s not even mine!
And it’s hardly a secret if we’re being honest. It’s just that we can all have selective vision… So, remove your personal filters and I promise you’ll see it clear as daylight.

And this is it:
My diet is simple: forgiveness. Letting go.
And by ‘simple’ I do not mean easy.
The reason I’m confident it’ll work is because I know by now, that anything worthwhile, takes work.
I mean, have you ever made lasagna?
You want real, sustainable, long-lasting effects? Hard work.
Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.
(I mean I’ve had the Fray’s line in my head since forever. They nailed it.)
Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.
So, yeah.. it’s not an easy regime.
It takes dedicated practice, patience and being brutally honest with yourself.
And if you think that’s hard, and I assure you, it is;
what’s even harder is accepting the past, and offering grace. And then, moving on.
That’s the magic happening, right there!

So, let’s break it down a little:

Regular meditation meals, increased exersice intensity.
Add reflection and perspective generously on every course..
Dive down past the anger to the fear, the pain or confusion.
Breathing in compassion, exhaling acceptance.
Allow healing. Find freedom. Of blame, regret, mistakes…
Inhale compassion, more.. More! Because if there’s one thing certain
is that we are all human.

Exhale acceptance, because you deserve to move on.
Don’t be stuck in the past. That story in your head – it’s not a fun place to be at.

So, offer your forgiveness. It’s time. Let it go.
What other options do we have? What’s the alternative and who does serve anyway?
That’s right. Nobody – it certainly ain’t doing you any good.
Whether you admit it or not it’s eating you from the inside.
Would you rather be right? Or be free?
Do you really wanna hold on to this? Or, perhaps, let it go.

If I want to be free, no-one can do this but me.
So I’m doing the work, cleansing my conscience, digesting the past
and rinsing it all down with ample self-love. Grace.

Remember its a process. It takes time.
And for once, time is on your side.
This diet is not a phase. It’s not a lifestyle.
It’s the way forward. The only way. The only viable solution to nourishing and honouring your mind, body and soul.
So repeat this process again and again shedding the excess sweat, tears and dead skin.
Detoxing, cleansing, talk about trendy.
And see what’s left. Golly does it feel good. I feel SO MUCH lighter.
And, did you see the gifts?
The rewards for surviving not only the original pain but the hard work of revisiting the past to make amends within myself. Look at all these lessons, little keepsakes I get to take home.
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? No. I mean I’ve been down there crawling on the floor – are you with me?
But this is not about surviving. It’s about flourishing.
Growth, learning about your needs and boundaries.
Awareness, presence, peace.
Do you feel me?

Over to you now.

Love you,

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